Saturday, November 5, 2011

Palm Oil Mill


Palm oil mill is a group of equipment to do extraction process of oil content and palm kernel from a number of palm fruits. Palm oil mill cannot produce oil and palm kernel, but just for the obstetrical extraction in palm fruit.

Source of raw material obtained by palm oil mill to come from company's estate palm fruit ( one company management) and from result of purchasing of farmer palm fruit through partner. Palm fruit coming from company's estate to have consistent and better quality compared to with quality of purchasing palm fruit, because company's estate palm fruit has better management from the angle of organization, fund and human resource. While farmer palm fruit is not managed like fruit of garden and access to obtain very limited a bit of blood and operating expenses. On that account second acceptance?receiving procedures source of the palm fruit differs in.

Palm oil mill generally measured from capacities to process per hour, common capacities is built [by] 30, 45 and 60 tons TBS/jam, although some place of capacities to process per hour have been to 90 tons FFB/hour ( FRESH FRIUT BUNCHES/ hour), meant for new palm fruit is harvested). Determination of capacities process determined by the way of dividing full scale of palm fruit that processed work hour screw press.

Palm oil mill technology its self didn't change in siknifikan since starts from its industrial scale technology is operated. Addition of technology only at auxiliaries like, technology PLC ( program logic control) to arrange poaching process of palm fruit in sterilizer, and technological in generating station of energy like steam turbine and boiler.

Some tools/machine in Palm oil mill claims existence of certificated operator, like certificated operator hoisting crane, boiler and steam pressure equipment ( sterilizer).

Operation procedures of factory generally have been arranged in SOP ( Standart Operating procedure) what made by management to avoid loosses oil and core larger ones.

Function of control from itself process held by laboratory in periodic of certain time, does sampling and analysis to quality of factory operational. Quality of factory operational mirror from the low of percentage losing of oil and palm kernel. This loss factor named losses. Increasingly low loosses increasingly good factory performance.

To reach good factory performance supported by three primary factors that is; Quality of palm fruit, prima installation and operating factory/mill correctly.

Paremeter arranged processed [by] processing of palm oil mill that is job(activity temperature, steam pressure worked and process time. Third factor processed this can be reached only if palm oil mill had reached energy balance.

This energy balance link consisted of; capacities process which enough of yielding fuel boiler which is enough, fuel boiler which enough of yielding capacities and association steam pressure of time which is enough, if enough steam hence steam turbine will be able to move all equipments of factory and yields number of enough secondhand steam to be Used in process, if enough steam to process processing hence factory capacities will fufilled, that way further. This thing of course absolute is done every [by] PKS, if there are PKS in its(the factory energy operational comes from aliance turbine steam and genset/PLTA/PLN, inferential has not happened energy balance. its(the consequence; inaccesible job(activity temperature, poaching pressure of fruit of in sterilizer difficult to be reached and his(its sure, factory operating expenses increases along with usage of diesel fuel by genset.

Palm oil mill energy source comes from itself process that is shell and fibre as component of main burning of boiler. For boiler which is good, shell earns is excessive and can become added value for company.

From palm oil mill process, will be yielded a number of wastes, either that is liquid waste and also solid waste. Solid waste which can be applied direct that is shell and fiber while zero bunch can be exploited as mulch in areal plantation or becomes compost factory raw material even becomes fuel boiler after lessened its the water content.

Liquid waste besides diolah so reaching certain quality standard for thrown to river body also can be exploited as gas energy source methane and source of element of nutrient for  palm tree if it is sent to areal plantation ( land aplication)

Equally, arranges management which either in palm oil mill will not yield waste or zero waste. If this have been reached no more of waste term in palm oil mill, the only by product.

That way some of image of from palm oil mills.


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